James Reed is a lifelong photographer from school yearbooks to a career in photojournalism that included 35 years as a Staff Photographer for The Tampa Tribune. He is currently the owner of Key Light Fine Art Photography, creating large scale color fine art prints that focus on the lighthouses, architecture, wildlife, and natural beauty of Florida. His work is created through digital photography. It is printed on canvas using archival inkjet, UV sealed and stretched on a wooden frame. James holds a BA degree from the University of Miami and is a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists, The Florida Lighthouse Association, and the Egmont Key Alliance. He is married to his wife of 40 years Mary. They have one daughter.


Artist Statement:


“I have come full circle in my lifelong photographic journey. From my earliest years, I have been passionate about photography. My greatest joy was making photographs of the images my artistic mind saw. As a professional, I expressed my passion through my career in photojournalism. While that career ended with the demise of The Tampa Tribune, it was also a rebirth that brought my passion back to its roots. My current artwork is full of the energy of youth but tempered by a life of living photographically. It gives me a unique vision and artistic style that is the culmination of my life in photography.